Find out what’s happening at Europa-Park this summer!

Find out more about the brand new areas of the theme park!

The temperatures are climbing higher and visitors to Germany’s most popular theme park can look forward to plenty of fun this summer!

There are over 100 attractions and shows at Europa-Park across 15 European themed areas.

Whether you ride on one of Europa-Park’s rapid rollercoasters or on their water attractions – cooling off is guaranteed!

Europa-Park is located in southern Germany with France and Switzerland close by.

Whether you arrive by plane, train, or car, Europa-Park has great fantastic transport links with nearby airports and train stations.

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On a ‘Fjord Rafting’ trip, guests experience a wild tour through the cooling spray whilst Poseidon takes you on a trip to ancient Greece.

In addition, exciting events and shows ensure days at Europa-Park are enjoyed to the fullest.

You can expect great deals in the park’s four-star themed hotels and in the Europa-Park Camp Resort.

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The KrΓΈnasΓ₯r – The Museum-Hotel is now open to welcome visitors to stay and enjoy its Nordic ambience.

This hotel is a special kind of natural history museum and can accommodate up to 1,300 guests!

The new water world Rulantica is also coming together well.

By the end of 2019, the first part of the gigantic 450,000 square metre resort extension will open to fans of wet and wild adventures!

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By the way, Conor paid a visit to Europa-Park in 2018!

Check out how his trip went below!

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