FurReal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon

Josh has been on a London adventure!

Josh from the Pop 7 at 7 went on a London adventure in search of dragons!

Click play above to have a listen!

He walked around London with kids and families and historian Suzannah Lipscomb who you might know from Channel 5’s Henry VIII and His Six Wives. They all went in search of Dragons! Now, whilst they didn’t see any real ones, they did see lots in the buildings around the Capital as they toured the Tower of London and Tower Hill, London Wall, St Paul’s and the site of Bedlam outside Bishopsgate.

Also joining them on the tour was the new FurReal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon. Now, whilst Torch doesn’t breathe flames, he does breathe cool flame-coloured mist which can even toast special marshmallows!

Have a watch of this video to find out more and see it in action!

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