GIRL TALK MAG: How Embarrassing?

You decide! Rate how cringey these OMG moments are!


Dog disaster!

When I was walking my dog in the field by my house, I saw my BFF walking her dog in the same field. I ran over to say hello, but my dog got jealous and knocked her over so she dropped her dog’s lead! Her dog then ran over to a herd of sheep and started to chase them! My BFF was so angry, it was so embarrassing!



Ice cream cringe!

At hometime, the ice cream van was outside school, so I went to get an ice cream. As I turned around to walk away from the van, my ice cream got caught up in another girl’s hair! She wasn’t impressed!

Becca, 12


Split shame!

One time when I was at school, I did my signature splits in gym class and my pants ripped! I started bawling as my friends laughed at me. CRINGE!

Victoria Baldesarra, Michelle in The Next Step


Tongue Twist!

I started fumbling my words in front of thousands of people on stage in Philadelphia. I was between songs and meant to tell the fans to “Sing along if you know the words.” But it came out as an entirely jumbled sentence of gibberish!

Shawn Mendes


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