Hold a Big Booky Breakfast at your school this World Book Day and help raise money!

Find out more and get your free pack below!

The Big Booky Breakfast offers a new way to celebrate books and change lives on World Book Day!

Every year, thousands of kids like you fundraise for Book Aid International on World Book Day to help send brand new books around the world.

Why? Because there are millions of people who have never even held a new book…

Can you imagine never having had a story read to you? Or trying to learn to read from a dusty old textbook and the words your teacher writes on the board?

In the last three years alone, schools like yours have raised over £350,000 by fundraising for Book Aid International on World Book Day – that’s enough to send over 175,000 books to people who need them!

The kids who read the books love the same ones you do!

Book Aid International made a film about one girl who takes Where the Wild Things Are with her everywhere she goes.

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This year, Book Aid International wants you to help them send more books.

It only costs £2 to send another brand new book – so no fundraising event is too small!

One great idea is to hold a Big Booky Breakfast in your school.

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Your teacher can request a free pack which comes with lots of fun booky activities – like a Big Booky Book Swap, a Big Booky Bake Off, or a Big Booky Short Story competition. Packs also include stickers and a poster.

You can also use one of Book Aid International’s free DIY costume guides to dress up as a favourite character and there are many more resources (including more videos!) on their World Book Day resources page.

Remember – just £2 could send a brand new book to kid who has never even seen a new book before, so no fundraising event is too small!

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To find out more about Book Aid International, visit www.bookaid.org or contact the charity directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 77 33 3577.

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