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Pocket Pickle

“We were doing a big scene in the hall during season 2 and we were in there for hours. I had my phone in my pocket and just as they were filming a close up of Liam, my phone started to go off! I didn’t know what to do, cos if I took it out of my pocket it would have been even louder!”

Shorelle, Kay from Wolfblood


Song Shame!

“I was at a sleepover and I put my headphones on and started singing really loudly. My friend’s parents walked in the door behind me and everybody started laughing. I had to laugh in the end, too!”



Face Plant!

“We were filming our Black Magic video and we had to stand up on chairs in the lecture hall scene. As we were all standing on them, we all feel off our chairs one by one, ha ha!”

Perrie, Little Mix


Choc Horror!

“I got in my dad’s car to go to the park and didn’t see that my cousin had left chocolate on the seat. When we got there, everyone was staring at me and then my cousin told me I had chocolate all over my bum!”



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