James Martin’s Food School is teaching kids all about food!

Pineapples are from Portsmouth, right?

New research has shown that children across the UK don’t know their onions! Or carrots, or courgettes, or chicken…

1,000 kids were surveyed and almost half under eight didn’t know that eggs come from chickens!

Six out of 10 don’t have a clue how long it takes to grow vegetables such as carrots – with answers everywhere from one day to 10 years.

To help kids step up to the plate, ASDA have teamed up with James Martin to start a school programme in 2017 to help teach primary school children simple facts about the food they eat!


To kick start the campaign, James invited along 12 kids to put them through their paces and ask questions likeΒ β€˜why is a kiwi hairy?’ right through to β€˜how long does it take to grow a carrot?’

Check out the video below…

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