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Bibi and Tina, two best friends who absolutely LOVE horses, embark on exciting adventures with their horses, Sabrina and Amadeus.

Picture your favourite audio book, but with extra fun! Close your eyes and imagine Bibi and Tina racing on their horses. Listen closely, and you’ll hear Sabrina’s hooves going thump on the ground.

Feel the excitement as Bibi holds onto the reins tightly, trying to zoom past her best friend in a super-fast sprint to the finish line.

It’s like a movie, but just for your ears!

Come join the adventure in the amazing world of Bibi and Tina. It’s an exciting ride of friendship, horses, adventure, fun and love of animals.

Check out these episodes:

The Wild Horses I

Bibi and Tina convince the Count to help out a stud farm in Hungary by buying some rather shabby-looking wild horses from them. The two girls are allowed to go by train and pick them up. Old Janosh is happy for the help, but the young rider, Mikosh, does not want to part with the horses, especially not “his” Baboshko!

The Wild Horses II

What a mess! All the wild horses have escaped. No wonder, though – the paddock that the Count had them in was far too small. Working together, Bibi, Tina, Alex, and Mikosh manage to catch the horses. They really make quite a team! Maybe the “best rider on the Puszta” might want to stay in Falkenstein for good?

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Excited for Christmas? Listen to this festive episode…

Christmas Eve

Mrs. Martin invited the Blocksberg family to MartinΒ΄s Farm for Christmas. Bibi is happy. This is sure to be a great party! But something is off: The horses have bad colds, the heavy snowfall is causing problems – and then all the presents are gone!

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There are 35 episodes, with a new exciting adventure released every month!

Bibi and Tina is available on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

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