Meet Grandpa Frank from Capture the Flag!

Grandpa Frank was a top astronaut in his day!

Grandpa Frank was a top astronaut in his day!

Mike’s Grandpa, Frank, missed his chance to be on the Apollo XI mission to the moon with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in the 1960’s. Ever since, he’s been really sad that he missed his chance and spends his days alone, away from his family.


That’s until one day, an evil billionaire hatches a plan to take all of the helium 3 from the moon and destroy the American flag put there by the Apollo XI mission. So Frank gets called up again by NASA to teach the new astronauts how to get to the moon and complete the new mission. When he gets in the shuttle and he’s ready for lift-off, he finds Mike and Amy stowed away in the cabin! It’s too late to get them back home, so they all blast off to the moon!

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