Visit the Tower of London this half-term to see the Crown Jewels, Beefeaters, and more!

Get a history lesson you actually want to listen to!

On the banks of the River Thames stands the infamous Tower of London!

It’s a 1,000-year-old castle that has served as a fortress, royal palace, and infamous prison!

Over the drawbridge and behind the castle walls you’ll discover unexpected tales that never escaped and maybe get a glimpse of the Crown Jewels…

The Crown Jewels are really important to the country and the Queen, feature over 23,578 gems, and are still used today!

As a royal palace, the Tower was home to kings and queens for hundreds of years. Today you can visit the Medieval Palace which looks just like the one used by medieval kings!

Inside the mighty White Tower, you’ll also discover displays of arms and armour used to protect the castle walls.

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As if all of that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get to meet the Beefeaters! They’re guards of the tower and run tours filled with stories of imprisonment, lost princes, spies, and daring escapes!

You’ll get to find the places where people were imprisoned awaiting trial or punishment, back when the Tower was an infamous prison.

Explore the spaces where famous prisoners were kept and discover the graffiti they left behind 500 years ago.

Plus, entertain yourself by exploring the royal beasts that once roamed the grounds! 

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Follow a trail and draw the animals you spot around the Tower, listen to ‘Animal Tales’ from the Menagerie and bring the animals back to life at the drop-in puppet making station.

Head to the Tower of London this half-term and enjoy daily family activities, all included in your Tower ticket!

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