Watch new episodes of Bakugan: Battle Planet on POP TV this autumn!

Weekdays at 7am and 6.30pm and weekends from 8am and 6.30pm!

“Bakugan Battle Planet” follows the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his best friends: the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious creatures known as Bakugan!

When Bakugan begin emerging from the earth’s crust in a mysterious worldwide ‘awakening’ Dan and his friends must learn how to work with their Bakugan and deploy them in battle in order to survive the endless forces out to control, enslave or destroy the mysterious race of creatures.

Dan and ‘The Awesome ones’ must protect their Bakugan, the Earth and ultimately the incredible secret hidden beneath their feet…

You can find POP on Freeview 206, Sky 616, Freesat 603 and Virgin 736.

You can catch even more fun over on the POP fun app or at

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