Watch Pok√©mon Dragonite and Charizard dancing to Ariana Grande’s Into You!

Who knew Pokémon had moves!

One of our favourite songs we’re playing on Fun Kids at the moment is the new Ariana Grande single.

It’s called Into You and it is a huge summer pop anthem!

In fact, we didn’t think we could love it any more… until we found *this* video.

It’s two¬†Pok√©mon – Dragonite and Charizard – doing a proper choreographed dance routine to the track!

If we’re being honest, it is a little strange but also… we can’t stop watching it!

We hope someone has sent it to Ariana – she’d probably enjoy it just as much as us!

You can hear us playing the new Ariana Grande single on the Pop 7 at 7 – every night from 7pm!

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