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The cast of 100 Things To Do Before High School take the super-silly Girl Talk challenge!


Hop everywhere or walk on your hands?

Isabela: I don’t know! It would be hard either way. But I think I’d hop everywhere, as you can at least see everything that’s going on as you’re not upside down!


Wear high heels or go bare feet for a whole day?

Jaheem: Bare feet for sure. I can’t even imagine me in high heels! I would probably twist my ankle in about two seconds!


Spend the night in a zoo or a haunted house?

Jaheem: I would definitely choose a zoo. I would find something to do in the zoo, but haunted houses I just can’t do. I get scared too easily!


Let Jaheem give you a makeover, or wear your grandma’s clothes for the day?

Owen: My grandma is pretty stylish, but I would probably have Jaheem give me a makeover. I think I would be better off that way.


Sit in a bath full of beans or drink a jug of ketchup?

Owen: Definitely sit in a bath full of beans! I think I would throw up if I drank a jug full of ketchup. That would be terrible!


Let Owen do your make-up or let Jaheem dress you?

Isabela: Owen doing my make-up would be funny, but I’d have Jaheem dress me. He’d probably dress me as a caveman or something silly.



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