Brand new ‘On The Edge’ TikTok!

Have you seen these animal influencers?

After the successful launch of their YouTube channel, these animal influencers are now coming to TikTok!

‘Lexi’ (an aye-aye from Madagascar), ‘Eric’ (a pangolin from China) and ‘Tegan’ (a Kakapo from New Zealand) currently vlog weekly about their human-like lifestyles on YouTube, whilst also engaging with kids about their unique species and endangered status.

Lexi is the first character to launch to On the Edge’s TikTok channel (@ontheedgeofficial).

She’s a critically-endangered aye-aye with a distinct extra-long middle finger. As a VTuber, Lexi is a young wannabe DJ living in London.

She’s looking forward to using TikTok’s love of dance challenges and music!

On The Edge’s other VTubers have recently joined Lexi on the platform.  

Find them on TikTok here!

Make sure you ask a parent or guardian before using TikTok.

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