Fun Kids Silly to play non-stop sea shanties!

It's all done with the help of Tik Tok star Nathan Evans

Have you heard the news?

This weekend, Fun Kids Silly is playing non-stop sea shanties!

You might remember that Sean received a phone call on Monday from some pirates angry that we weren’t playing enough sea shanties…

Sean’s not one for messing with pirates and they threatened to make him walk the plank, so he got Nathan Evans on board with the idea of taking over Fun Kids Silly for the weekend and filling it with sea shanties.

Nathan Evans is the 26 year old postman who quit his job when he became a star with his rendition of The Wellerman โ€“ย a sea shanty โ€“ in January.

Nathan said:

This is such a great idea. Iโ€™ve got a list of sea shanties I think are great so I was more than happy to share that with Fun Kids. This sounds amazing and I think Iโ€™m going to need to stay tuned for the full weekend. Iโ€™m fast becoming a sea shanty consultant for everyone.

You can listen to the whole interview with Nathan on Fun Kids Meets, the interview podcast…

Fun Kids Silly is one of eight new channels weโ€™ve launched, these include Fun Kids SoundtracksFun Kids AnimalsFun Kids Pop HitsFun Kids PartyFun Kids ClassicsFun Kids Naps and Fun Kids Classical.

Each one is available to listen to on the Fun Kids App, via the Fun Kids radio player as well as being available on the Amazon Kids+ service on Amazon Fire tablets!

You can even listen on Alexa, just activate the skill and then ask Alexa to Play Fun Kids Sillyโ€

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