How can I help bees? Join the Great British Bee Count and track bees with Friends of The Earth!

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Now that the weather’s warming up, loads of you are probably getting out and about!

You might go swimming, you might lounge around in parks, or you might go on the hunt for some creepy crawlies!

Well, every year Friends of The Earth does a huge thing called the Great British Bee Count. It takes place between May 17th and June 30th this year and it all about tracking our pollinating friends.

If you didn’t know, bees are really important. One third of the food we eat would probably not be available without the help of bees!

In the UK there are about 270 different species of bee and the two most well known are the Bumble Bee and the Honey Bee.

All you need to do to start tracking and counting bees in the Great British Bee Count is to download the free app. You can even learn all about the different species of bees there are!

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And there are loads of ways you can help keep bees alive and well, too.

You can grow plants and flowers that are rich in nectar and pollen like lavender, and some herbs. You can also grow sunflowers, which you might be doing with school anyway!

It might also be good to give bees a drink! Just take a shallow bowl of clean rainwater and put a few pebbles in it, so the bees can land there and drink! They have lots of flying to do, so can get very thirsty!

Click here to sign-up for the Great British Bee Count!

Over 16,000 people too part in the Great British Bee Count last year, tracking over 300,000 bees! This year, let’s make that even more…

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