Meet Xander, the youngest Squirrel Scout making history in the UK!

Find out more about Xander's incredible achievement

Five-year-old Xander Liddle of Lambeth is making headlines for an incredible achievement – he’s become the first Squirrel Scout in the UK to earn all 17 badges!

But what exactly is a Squirrel Scout, and how did Xander accomplish this impressive feat?

What’s a Squirrel Scout?

Squirrel Scouts are a part of the Scouts family, specially designed for 4 and 5-year-olds.

In 2022, the 1st New Cross Scouts opened their doors to these little adventurers.

Being a Squirrel Scout is all about having fun, making friends, learning new things, and having exciting adventures. Xander is one of these young adventurers, and he’s been having a blast!

Find out more about Squirrel Scouts

Xander’s Adventure Journey

In just one year, Xander has accomplished some amazing things.

He’s tried fire lighting, paddle boarding, and even learned how to prepare and cook a meal!

But that’s not all – he’s been on camps, climbed rocks, gone fishing, and even raced go-karts.

Xander has earned an impressive 17 badges, including Be Active, Explore Outdoors, Exciting Experiments, and Feel Good.

These badges represent all the exciting activities and challenges he’s conquered.

Besides the thrilling adventures, being a Squirrel Scout also means learning important life skills in a safe and positive environment.

These skills, like decision-making, leadership, and independence, are essential for growing into confident adults. Xander is getting a head start on these skills, thanks to his Squirrel Scout journey.

A Special Visit

To celebrate Xander’s incredible achievement, Dwayne Fields, a Scouting Ambassador and Polar Explorer, visited the 1st New Cross Scouts.

He presented Xander with a special certificate and his final badge. Dwayne was impressed by Xander’s dedication and the valuable skills Scouting teaches!

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