New Close-Up Pictures Of The Sun!

The most detailed pictures of the sun ever

It may look like a delicious caramel dessert but these pictures are actually of the surface of the sun! These are the most detailed pictures of the sun scientists have ever been able to get – does the sun look like you expected it to?

How close up are these pictures?

Each of these individual cell looking bits are the size of Texas in real life, that’s one of the states in the USA.

So although these are the closest pictures scientists have ever taken it’s still not super-close up.

How did they get these pictures?

Scientists managed to get these photos by using a solar telescope that sits at the top of a 3,000 meter mountain in Hawaii (that’s in the USA).

The telescope is called the Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope – or DKIST for short – and is the most power solar telescope ever made!

Why has it been so hard to get close-up pictures of the sun?

Because the sun is so far away!

The sun is 149 million km away from earth. To give you an idea about how far that is it would take you about 283 years to drive there (if your car could fly).

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