The 2020 Six Nations

One of the biggest Rugby competitions is here!

The Six Nations Championship is a big international rugby competition between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy. The competition started in 2000 (before that it was called the Five Nations Championship because Italy weren’t in it yet).

Last year Wales won the competition.

The Six Nations Championship runs from Saturday February 1st to Saturday March 14th.

Who’s playing when?

Round 1

01 February, Saturday, 2:15pm – Wales V Italy

01 February, Saturday, 4:45pm – Ireland V Scotland

02 February, Sunday, 3:00pm – France V England

Round 2

08 February, Saturday, 2:15pm – Ireland V Wales

08 February, Saturday, 4:45pm – Scotland V England

09 February, Sunday, 3:00pm – France V Italy

Round 3

22 February, Saturday, 2:15pm – Italy V Scotland

22 February, Saturday, 4:45pm – Wales V France

23 February, Sunday, 3:00pm – England V Ireland

Round 4

07 March, Saturday, 2:15pm – Ireland V Italy

07 March, Saturday, 4:45pm – England V Wales

08 March, Sunday, 3:00pm – Scotland V France

Round 5

14 March, Saturday, 2:15pm – Wales V Scotland

14 March, Saturday, 4:45pm – Italy V England

14 March, Saturday, 8:00pm – France V Ireland

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