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Fun Kids plays a variety of music on the station. We have two sets of audiences. Our core aim is to reach 6 to 12 year olds. We like well produced, modern sounding music. To get on, it has to fit easily between Hakuna Matata and One Direction.

We do play a variety of non-mainstream acts – the key thing we look at is whether it’s good and fits in with the station.

Our second audience is pre-schoolers. The daytime programming, when the older kids are at school, targets them. Sing-a-longs and silliness is well appreciated.

You can use the form below to point us in the direction of your music or attach it. We prefer digital rather than a CD in the post. If you’ve got WAVs on a Dropbox link, that’ll do in the message, or attach as MP3s. Soundcloud links are fine, but we need to be able to download it.

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Fun Kids has programming that appeals to younger and older children, please tell us which is most appropriate for your music.

Maximum file size: 67.11MB

Total files attached must be less than 50megs or will be rejected by the form.

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