Escape My Mind by Grace VanderWaal is Josh’s Next Big Thing this week!

Listen to it below!

Each week, Josh picks a brand-new song to be his Next Big Thing!

It’s a tune he loves so much that he plays it every day in his show, just after 7.

This week, he’s chosen Escape My Mind by Grace VanderWaal!

Grace is 13 was born in Kansas in America. She now lives in New York!

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In November 2017, she’s set to release a full-length album called Just the Beginning and to launch her first tour the same month.

She was called ‘the next Taylor Swift’ by Simon Cowell when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2016!

Hear Escape My Mind from 7pm every night this week!

Plus Josh will be taking us through the Pop 7 at 7.

Listen to past ‘Next Big Thing’s!

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