Interview: Vick Hope talks Shout Out (Listen Up) on Fun Kids

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On Tuesday 12th January 2021,ย โ€‹TV and Radio Presenter Vick Hope was on Fun Kids talking about her new book she wrote with Roman Kemp.

It’s called Shout Out and is the second book in the Listen Up series.

It’s a rollicking humorous tale of crime solving high jinks created by two of the UK’s rising radio stars.

Arthur, Grace and Kieran are back, and there are big dramas at Victory Road!

Something weird is going on – every time a Victory Road sports team competes, they lose – somehow the opposition always knows their strategy.

Grace, Arthur and Kieran can spot a dodgy situation when they see one, and very quickly they decide that there’s a mole leaking information to a rival school.

But who is the mole and what are they set to gain from their sneaky behaviour?

With a whole host of new and old characters, the race is on to uncover the culprit.

Will Arthur and Grace figure it out? When they’re working together, anything is possible…

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