INTERVIEW: Sean Thorne and Luke Franks chat Jamie McFlair and The Ultimate Brain Hack

Sean and Luke chat to Bex, Tuesday 12th April 2022.

We’re waking Sean from his afternoon nap at 5pm on Tuesday, 12th April 2022.

He’s joining Bex with his friend Luke Franks.

Luke and Sean have written a book series together.

The latest book, Jamie McFlair and The Ultimate Brain Hack is out right now!

Welcome to a new adventure starring our courageous young heroine Jamie McFlair, who so successfully thwarted her nasty uncle’s monstrous plans a few months ago.

But as we rejoin her, Jamie McFlair is sad. Sad?!

She just found out that she and her best friends – Daisy, Mel, and Jenners – are being split up and sent to different schools.

Not one to admit defeat, Jamie discovers a way out of this unpleasant situation: Rubbsling’s Academy for Creators, a school for famous kids.

Because of their antics stopping the evil mastermind Barry Bigtime, Jamie and her friends have attracted some fans. It’s enough to get them accepted into the school – they can stay together!

But the school is weird. Located on a remote island, with strange teachers who give out punishments for NOT having your phone out in class, it all seems geared towards building the students’ social media profiles.

Though Daisy enjoys the attention, Jamie is suspicious that something isn’t right.

What is really going on at this school?

Poor Jamie. What she’s about to discover is that Barry Bigtime is back.

Fallen from grace, outcast by society, and determined for revenge on Jamie, the school is the secret hiding place for his new plan…

A plan to control the brains of all the children at the school, to make them do what he wants. A plan that is the first step towards controlling EVERY BRAIN ON THE PLANET!

What questionable science is this!? How will this madness end?! Can Jamie rescue her friends and defeat Barry Bigtime once more, or will she become victim to THE ULTIMATE BRAIN HACK?

Find out at 5pm, Tuesday 12th April 2022.

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