Kristyna Baczynski chats Read All About It with Dan!

Hear the interview below!

Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator and comic book artist!

She released a brand new, do-it-yourself book called Read All About It and Dan spoke to her about it!

The book contains 10 zines โ€“ which are like mini-magazines โ€“ for you to write, illustrate, and put together!

Each one has a distinct theme, with lots of ideas for stories, features and pictures. The rest is up to you!

With fully-illustrated instructions and hints and tips along the way, this book from will get you making your own brilliant zines in no time.

Click here to get the book!

Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator, comic book artist and designer who grew up in the Pennines of Yorkshire.

She’s made stuff for Anorak, Fantagraphics, Metro, Etsy and even the Royal Shakespeare Company!

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