Meet Robyn!

She's the latest member of the Fun Kids crew and you can hear her weekends from 1pm!

We thought we’d ask her a few question so you can get to know her…

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey! I’m Robyn I’m from a little town in Scotland called Kirkintilloch. I love camping, a good physics equation and dancing!

Kirkintilloch on the map

What’s your favourite animal and why?

Ohhhh got to be a Giraffe. I LOVE their long necks and how they can eat the trees without a ladder! Very cool!

If you could go anywhere for a day, where would that be?

Space! I really want to know if there’s aliens on Mars!

Are you on team Marvel or team DC?

DC. Batman wins for me everytime!

What would you say your superpower is?

I can make Jaffa cakes disappear.   

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What’s one cool thing you can do that no one else can do?

I can decorate the most gingerbread people in a minute.

Fun fact: I hold the Guinness world record which means I’m the fastest in the whole world!

Tell us a joke!

What did the cheese say when he looked in the mirror? Halloooo-mi

What’s your favourite food?

Tuna sandwiches. Very smelly but very tasty!

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