Perfect by Topic & Ally Brooke is Josh’s Next Big Thing this week!

Hear it every evening this week past 7pm!

Every day, just after 7pm, Josh plays a song on his show called the Next Big Thing.

It’s a tune he loves so much that he plays it every single day.

This week he’s gone for Perfect by Topic & Ally Brooke! Check out the video below!

Topic is a German DJ and Ally is a member of Fifth Harmony!

This track is really empowering and Ally has said the message is very close to her heart.

Fifth Harmony released their third album in 2017, the first since Camila Cabello left.

Click here listen to past ‘Big Things’!

Hear Perfect every evening this week, just past 7pm!

Plus Josh will be counting down the 7 hottest tunes on the planet right now with the Pop 7 at 7!

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