Record of The Week: Davai & Lovespeake’s Friday Song is Conor’s Pick of The Week!

Hear Davai & Lovespeake's Friday Song from 7:30pm every day!

Every week on Fun Kids, Conor picks a tune to crown his Next Big Thing!

It’s always a tune that gets him dancing around the studio and one he thinks is going to be massive.

This week he’s gone for Davai & Lovespeake’s Friday Song.

Check it out below!

This is the brand-new single from that talented Norwegian pair Davai, created alongside Lovespeake.

The track’s proving popular on mobile app TikTok.

Hear Davai & Lovespeake’s Friday Song every day from 7:30pm this week!

Plus, Conor will be counting down the seven hottest songs in the world right now.

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