The Thunderbirds visit Dan’s show!

Listen below!

Dan hosted a Thunderbirds Are Go special!

He welcomed to the studio all your favourite heroes including Virgil and Scott, plus even The Hood (although he didn’t seem that happy about it…)

As a reminder, brand new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go are on ITV and CITV, Saturdays 8:00am.

In the latest series, when a mysterious distress signal reaches International Rescue, the whole team must pull together to discover who is behind it.

With the The Hood and his Chaos Crew continuing to leave destruction in their wake, and even managing to commandeer a Thunderbird, the Tracy brothers really have their hands full!

Unwavering in their belief that everyone is worth saving, International Rescue’s missions take them around the world and beyond.

They visit the depths of the Supreme Barrier Reef and the far reaches of space, via the streets of London, the caverns of a futuristic holo-game, a snow-covered mountain range and a haunted nuclear facility…

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