The Space Programme is an epic radio drama!

In it, a small Scottish island is shocked to find itself home to a brand new space program.

Two tech entrepreneurs announce their plan to turn the Isle of Lune into the UK’s newest spaceport. That’s a place where spaceships can take off and land.

In a twist, they also say one of the local kids can be the world’s first child astronaut!

Suddenly, nothing is ever the same again…

Listen out for the Space Programme every weekday from 5:30pm on Fun Kids!

We’re sharing it to celebrate the launch of our own space programme, Mission Transmission.

It’s a record-breaking, history-making radio show – the first radio show sent to deep space as verified by Guinness World Records and a panel of independent scientists from around the world.

And if you want to find out more about space and spaceports, remember to check out our Deep Space High – Spaceports series.

The Space Programme is a Bafflegab Production, and is supported by the Audio Content Fund.