GAMING SPECIAL: EGX Gaming Event AND Conor’s top games of all time!

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It’s a gaming special on Stream It this week!

Producer Hebe went to EGX gaming convention and Conor is giving us his top 3 games of all time (that you should put on yoru christmas list!)

Plus Pete from Mega Mag is giving us some gaming recommendations!

Hebe’s Picks from EGX


Pine Hearts is a small, open-world puzzle game.

Pine Hearts takes bits from Zelda, combines it with Souls-like level design, and wraps it all up in a wholesome aesthetic with characters that look like Fall Guys!


A musical adventure game in which Snufkin needs to restore the harmony of Moominvalley, after a series of grotesque parks has appeared and ruined the valley’s natural balance.

The game is an ambient and wholesome experience for both kids and adults, and combines open world-mechanics with puzzles, stealth and melodic elements.


You play as a character in a child’s story book but not all is as it seems.

The character you play as was once a wolf now learning the error of your way. Now being reincarnated into your last pray,  you now have to navigate the world in your new form and live life on the opposite side of the food chain. 

You can even get the demo to play for free over on their website here!


Loco Motive is a slapstick adventure, packed full of deadly surprises, shocking twists and larger than life characters! Play as Diana, Arthur and Herman to unwrap the mystery and put your point and click puzzle-solving skills to the test…


Utterly Mario through and through!

All your favourite characters but with more sparkle, more colour, and a few crazy surprises.

Best bit to look out for? Elephant mode! Turn Mario in an elephant, yes please!

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