Cutie and the Feast

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In this episode we bring Milo’s story, Cutie and the Feast – to life.

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Cutie and the Feast 

The branches cracked and bent as the GIANT roared in fury – the tiny cat howled in terror and jumped down but she was so small and giant was so ENORMOUS  “FEE FI FO FUM  THAT KITTENS GOING IN MY TUM!” he roared… 

But we’ll get to that bit in a while.  So lets meet our giant.  Brainchomper was a giant and not a friendly one.  I mean you could probably guess that from his name right?  He lived up an enormous tree in the middle of a dark damp wood only coming down to search for some more brains to chomp.  As a result he didn’t have many friends because most people like their brains in their heads, not in a buttered bap.  He was a bit sad and lonely sometimes as no one seemed to want to be anywhere near him! 

Cutie was the kitten and as our story starts she was LOST.  She’d wandered into the dark damp wood by mistake, and was cold and very very hungry.   She had heard about the giant and this made her whiskers tremble even more. She mewed and mewed and eventually this attracted the attention of a kindly rabbit who was just about to nestle in her burrow for the night. 

“I’m so hungry!” mewed Cutie.   

“Well I can’t help you much as all I have is berries and leaves to munch… but there is one place you could find something to eat.  The giant’s tree – did you know it’s ENCHANTED?” 

“Enchanted – wow! What does it do?” 

“If you climb it it grants wishes!  Anything your heart desires!  It’s just a pity rabbits can’t climb” she added a bit sadly. 

“But.. what about the giant?”  trembled Cutie.  “I hear he likes brains and I’d rather keep mine!” 

“Well that’s the thing, you have to climb the tree when he’s asleep – every night from when the church clock in the far field strikes eleven to when the clock strikes midnight, he sleeps.  That’s your chance!  Just make sure to be back down by midnight! 

Later that night Cutie was excited as under cover of darkness she prowled through the leaves of the forest floor to the bottom of the giant oak – climbing it she thought about her rumbling tum and wished for a feast fit for a feline.  And something rather strange began happen.  Mists sprung up and the branches disappeared.  In their place was a large banquet hall open to the night air with dozens and dozens of plates – a grand banquet was spread out under the twinkling stars, with all her most favourite things.  

At the heart of the long, elegant table, a towering mountain of golden, crispy fish fillets which smelled amazing – combined with other mouth-watering aromas, making every whisker twitch with delight. Beside this centerpiece, delicate bowls of the creamiest milk crowded for space, their surfaces smooth and inviting. Platters of tender chicken and turkey, cooked to purr-fection, were adorned with sprigs of catnip, casting an enchanting spell of irresistible scents. Tiny silver dishes held an assortment of gourmet cat treats, from savoury seafood morsels to sweet, chewy bites, arranged in colourful patterns that promised a taste of heaven. 

Well there was no time to lose!  Cutie pounced onto the table and ate and ate and ate.  She listened carefully for the clock chimes because she didn’t want to be a giant’s snack and with minutes to spare softly jumped back down the branches to the safety of the forest floor. 

Well!  This was BRILLIANT!  The very next night she climbed the tree again and had another fine feast – this time it was platters of pilchards and the finest double cream – yum!  Once again she listened for the clock – although the food was so yummy she left it a little later.  Just in time she returned to the ground.  Fat and contented, she curled up for a snooze. 

And the next night she made the trip again.  I’ll be honest she was so occupied dreaming up new delicious treats that she’d kind of forgot about the whole Giant thing.  She chomped on chunks of chicken, nibbled on a nut or two and demolished some damson jam. 

The church bell was striking… one two three… 

Still she chomped away – shrimps yum! 

Four five… 

Ohhh a lovely bit of salmon! 

Six seven… 

Wowee ham!  She LOVED ham! 

The bell continued to chime poor Cutie was so engrossed in the feast that she didn’t notice the sound of yawning.  But then she heard a CREAK in the branches above her – and a LOOMING figure making its way down… THE GIANT!!! 


Cutie howled in fear as the banquet hall disappeared in the mists. What could she do?  She thought fast – it was a wishing tree right?  She closed her eyes and wished to be back safely on the ground – ZAP!  She was back on the forest floor but then CRACK the giant appeared behind her – the chase was on.  She closed her eyes and wished that she could be a panther -ZAP – suddenly her tiny legs were replaced by the muscular limbs of a big cat – helping her get further away from the giant but then  CRACK!  The giant appeared once more this time soaring through the air gaining on her… getting closer and closer…. And CLOSER! 

Cutie was nearly out of ideas… “I… I… I wish you were a NICE giant!” she miaowed desperately! 

There was a FIZZLE and a CRACK and Cutie and the Giant found themselves back where they started in the branches of the tree.  Everything was quiet.  The giant’s shoulders slumped.   

“No one ever made a wish for me before” said Brainchomper in what was a very small voice for a Giant. 

“Yeah because I’m guessing anyone YOU meet is usually wishing that THEY could disappear or be a million miles away!”   

Cutie looked at him curiously.  

“So are you really… NICE now?” 

The giant had a think “I think I might be actually.  I’d usually have eaten your brains by now but to be honest I just don’t feel in the mood.” 

“That’s great!” said Cutie!  And scampered happily around his enormous feet. 

“But what can I eat if I don’t eat brains?” he looked rather worried.  “I’ve never eaten anything else!” 

Cutie began to smile and said “I’ve got just the thing for you!” 

And scampering up the tree she beckoned for the Giant to follow – imagining her beautiful banquet and watching it appear through the mists. 

It was a a banquet fir for a braineater – well an EX braineater and after a cautious sniff the Giant began to tuck in in delight. 

And what happened to Cutie? – well she became friends with the Giant and they’d spent their days dreaming up new delicious feasts – NONE of which, you’ll be pleased to hear included brains!  And that’s the story of Cutie and the Feast!  I wonder what wishes you’d make if you climbed the giants tree? 

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