Dragon Boy

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In this episode we bring Issac’s story, Dragon Boy – to life.

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Read along to Dragon Boy

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

Dragon Boy 

In the heart of Pineville an extraordinary event was unfolding. At this very moment, 7-year-old Isaac, a lively boy with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes, was racing through the town square. He wore a special bracelet that had a star charm, and in his small hands, he held what looked like a toy dragon named Lila. 

People passing by couldn’t help but smile at the amazing sight of Isaac playing with his dragon. Little did they know, there was more to this duo than met the eye. 

Isaac, feeling the thrill of adventure coursing through his veins, whispered to Lila, “Let’s fly!” 

In an instant, Lila, the seemingly ordinary toy dragon, stretched her wings wide, transforming into a magnificent creature of shimmering scales and sparkling colours. Together, they soared into the sky, leaving the townspeople below in awe. 

As they ascended, Isaac felt a tingling sensation on his wrist. He glanced at the star charm on his bracelet, noticing that its points were glowing brightly. It was time – time to become…. Dragon Boy. 

Isaac’s clothes shimmered, transforming into a sleek superhero suit. A cape materialised on his back, matching the colours of Lila’s wings. With newfound strength and courage, Isaac declared, “I… am… Dragon Boy!” 

Meanwhile, in the heart of Pineville, a dastardly villain known as the Banana Queen was wreaking havoc. With a wave of her hand, she turned innocent bystanders into bananas, leaving a trail of fruity chaos in her wake. People would slip and fall with the numbers of bananas that Banana Queen would leave in her wake. The local hairdresser slipped on a banana and landed in a pile of banana-y mush. The town’s local TV reporter slipped on a banana while trying to interview the town Mayor, but the town Mayor didn’t say anything, because he was a banana. Because the Banana Queen had turned him into a non-talking yellow fruit.  

The town needed a hero, and Dragon Boy was ready to answer the call. 

Swooping down from the sky with Lila by his side, Dragon Boy surveyed the banana-filled streets. With a determined look in his eyes, he declared, “This stops now, Banana Queen!” 

The Banana Queen, dressed in a flappy costume adorned with banana peels, cackled at the sight of Dragon Boy. “You think you can stop me, little hero?” she taunted. 

Dragon Boy, undeterred, summoned his courage. He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he called upon the help of other superheroes in Pineville. From different corners of the town, they appeared – Captain Sunshine, the fearless leader with the power to control sunlight; Bubblegum Girl, who could create sticky bubbles to trap villains; and Speedy Shadow, a mysterious figure capable of moving at the speed of light. 

Together, they formed a formidable team, ready to take on the Banana Queen and restore Pineville to its banana-free glory. The battle that ensued was epic, with Dragon Boy leading the charge and the other superheroes using their unique abilities to outsmart the Banana Queen. 

As the Banana Queen attempted to escape, Bubblegum Girl encased her in a giant bubble, rendering her unable to cause any more mischief. The people of Pineville cheered, their once-banana friends returning to their human forms and the town Mayor able to speak once more. 

Amidst the celebration, Dragon Boy noticed a figure in the crowd – a flamboyant and somewhat clumsy man named Horatio Smythe. Horatio, with his colourful attire and contagious laughter, approached Dragon Boy and the other superheroes. 

“I must say, that was quite the spectacle! Bravo, my friends!” Horatio exclaimed, giving a theatrical bow. 

Dragon Boy, intrigued by Horatio’s curious manner, welcomed him to the superhero team. Little did they know, Horatio had a unique ability of his own. He could listen to anything and imitate it perfectly. With a twirl and a tap of his feet, Horatio showcased his talent by imitating the Banana Queen’s laughter, causing everyone to fall about giggling. 

The days that followed were filled with adventures for Dragon Boy and his newfound superhero friends. Pineville faced new threats, like the notorious Quick Tac, a villain with the power to make people disappear. But Dragon Boy and his team were always one step ahead, using their combined strength and clever strategies to outsmart the villains. 

One day, as Dragon Boy and his team were facing Quick Tac in the town square, something unexpected happened. Quick Tac unleashed his power, and Dragon Boy felt himself being pulled into a vortex. The world around him blurred, and he found himself hurtling through time. 

In this chaotic journey through the ages, Dragon Boy glimpsed the Big Bang, witnessed dinosaurs roaming the Earth, and soared through futuristic landscapes. It was a rollercoaster of time and space, and Dragon Boy realised he needed help to return to his own time. 

In the midst of his chaotic adventure, Horatio Smythe, with his uncanny ability to listen and adapt, joined Dragon Boy in the time-traveling escapade. With a dance and a funny imitation, Horatio brought a touch of humour to the situation, lightening the mood and making the journey more bearable. 

Together, Dragon Boy and Horatio faced challenges and made new friends across time. With each encounter, they learned valuable lessons about the past, present, and future. And as they finally arrived back in Pineville, the star charm on Isaac’s bracelet glowed once again, signalling the return to the present. 

The town square was filled with cheers as Dragon Boy and Horatio Smythe emerged victorious. Quick Tac, realising the error of his ways, decided to use his powers for good, joining the team of superheroes to protect Pineville from future threats. 

As Dragon Boy, Isaac continued to embark on thrilling adventures, knowing he could count on his diverse and colourful team of friends. With each challenge they faced, the bond between Dragon Boy, Lila, Horatio Smythe, and the other superheroes grew stronger, creating a legacy of courage, kindness, and laughter in the heart of Pineville. 

And so, the adventures of Dragon Boy and his extraordinary friends continued, proving that even the smallest heroes could make the biggest difference! 

Thank you to POPPY who created the character HORATIO SMYTHE! Using the Story quest character creator! Thank you POPPY for creating duch a sassy, well dressed excellent character! Great work You can create YOUR own Storyquest characters on the Funkids website! Just go to funkidslive.com/storyquest – and use our special Storyquest Character Creator – and your character could appear in someone’s story! And now over to our Storymaster for this week! ISSAC

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