How The Moon Girls Save The World

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In this episode we bring Anika and Mirai’s story, How The Moon Girls Save The World – to life.

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That’s just what Anika and Mirai did. You can watch the story they suggested come to life below, plus they tell us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Read along to How The Moon Girls Save The World

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

How the Moon Girls Saved the World 

An unsettling tension crept over the land. A low, ominous growl emanated from the depths below, vibrating through the earth like an angered beast stirring from a long slumber. The water began to shift. Waves took on an eerie dance, twisting and writhing with a malevolent grace. A sinister hiss whispered through the air, ruffling the leaves of unsuspecting trees… 

Yet, there was no visible enemy, no evident threat, just an overwhelming sense of foreboding, like a whisper in the night that something TERRIBLE was approaching. 

Bella, a little girl on earth, barely noticed the low rumbles as she looked up at the moon through her telescope.  It was hard to get a good view through the black clouds. 

“Looking for the man in the moon?” asked her mum. 

“Don’t be silly!  I’m looking at the craters” although secretly she would have LOVED to see signs of life up there.  Life on earth wasn’t easy.  It was a place ravaged by storms, the ice caps had melted and the sun rarely shined, the clouds loomed and rains relentlessly hammered down. 

If only she had known, there WAS actually life on the moon.  The Moon People were magical – they could control the elements, move mountains and conjure forces at will – and so could hide themselves from glimpses through telescopes, even the biggest ones.  When men had landed on the moon many centuries before they’d had to use all their powers to conceal themselves and their cities – although not all of the moon people felt QUITE The same about hiding away. 

Lili and Hihi were two moon girls with magical powers – they looked pretty much like any other kid except for a silvery shimmer that surrounded them, and the deep galactic blue of their eyes.  They were bored on the Moon.  It was just a load of dust and rocks and nothing to do.  Even using your magical powers for fun gets boring after a while.  They wanted to escape to the little blue planet that they circled around.  Earth. 

“But WHY can’t we go to Earth?” they were pleading with Polpol the leader of the Moon People. He was impossibly old and bad tempered. 

“Humans have ruined the planet.  It’s a dangerous dirty place and that’s why it is forbidden to the Moon People.  Besides you remember our history.” 

The girls rolled their eyes. 

“…yeah yeah, millions of years ago they realised we had magical powers and because they were scared they hunted us down…. So we travelled to the moon… we know all that.” Hihi rolled her eyes.  But you can’t hold a grudge forever!“ 

“Yes I can. It is forbidden.  END OF!” spluttered Polpol.  

Lili and Hihi nodded pretended to listen but the minute Polpol had stomped off they went back to their scheming. 

“We know there’s a portal.  It’s how we ended up here all those years ago, right?” 

“Yeah but LUNAR GUARDS, right?  And you are only allowed to go one way.  No returns” 

“Hmm.  Yeah hopeless.”   

“We could hop on an asteroid?” 

“Hmm… Most asteroids are TINY – we might be waiting a long time.” 

“We could… HANG ON What’s THAT?” 

They looked down at the little blue planet.  Except it was more blue than usual.  The oceans seemed to be rising up in a tsunami – but not just any tsunami – it was the MOST MASSIVE Tsunami the world had ever seen. 

Polpot had come back and surveyed the view. 

“Well.  That’s That.  No one will survive a tsunami that big.  The earth’s had it.” 

“How can you say that?!” exclaimed Lili. 

“We HAVE to help!” shouted Hihi. 

Polpol shrugged.  “I don’t see why we should bother.  Those humans left us up here all those millenia ago, why should we help them now?” 

“Oh for goodness sake, tie a balloon to it and LET IT GO!  We can harness the power of the moon to push back the tides – We can hold back the water!”  

There was no time to lose. 

They ran to the portal, still guarded by Lunar Guards – the gatekeepers who towered above them. 

“One way only?” gasped Lili as they prepared to blast through. 

“One way only!” nodded Hihi smiling and then determined and fast they SMASHED past the guards who to be honest had never had to deal with ANYONE wanting to go to earth so they weren’t particularly prepared. 

With a crack they were transported to earth – the wind whipping around them and rain in a deluge on the sandy shore where they found themselves. 

In the distance, a colossal wall of water, the tsunami of unimaginable proportions, approached with terrifying speed. Its towering waves were a force of nature ready to flatten the Earth itself. Panic swept through the coastal towns as people fled to what was left of the higher ground, their hearts heavy with fear.   

Bella and her family cowered in the shelters on the hill – astonished at the appearance of two little girls who appeared to be shimmering with light. 

Lili, her silver hair glowing in the moonlight, raised her arms toward the heavens. Her fingers began to trace intricate patterns in the air, leaving a sparkling trail of lunar energy. Hihi, her eyes gleaming with determination, focused on the roiling waters ahead. 

With a unified surge of their powers, the girls summoned the magic of the moon. The moon’s gentle pull on the tides responded to their call. The ocean, once a raging beast, miraculously, began to quell – but still it came at terrifying speeds. 

“It’s not working!” screamed Lili over the winds.  It’s just too powerful!” 

“Keep trying!” urged Hihi, gritting her teeth against the forces. 

Bella, like all the villagers stared in amazement but something else amazing was happening.  Her own fingers were beginning to glow – a sparkling mist sprung up. 

Her mum shouted at her “No!” but it was too late – Bella had run on to the shore to stand alongside the Moon Girls.  They glanced at her in surprise – and then amazement as Bella thrust her hands towards the wave and streaming light shot forwards – BAM! 

As the tsunami drew closer, Lili and Hihi’s efforts intensified with Bella at their side. The silver strands of Lili’s hair danced with the rhythm of the lunar magic, and Hihi’s eyes sparkled with celestial light. The moon glowed brightly – its energy surging to earth. 

With a final, monumental effort, the girls channelled all their power into one mighty push. The moonlight merged with the tides, creating a colossal wave of energy that met the oncoming tsunami head-on. 


There was a brilliant clash of forces illuminating the night with a blinding light. The titanic struggle between the magical moon girls and the relentless tsunami sent sparks of lunar energy filling the air. But the battle was won! The tsunami, once an unstoppable force, was tamed by their extraordinary powers. With a magnificent burst of light, the waves dispersed, leaving only a gentle, soothing tide lapping at the shore. 

Exhausted but victorious, Lili and Hihi stood on the beach, their chests heaving. The coastal town behind them erupted in cheers and applause.  

As they looked up at the moon, which now shone even brighter in the night sky, Lili and Hihi shared a knowing smile.  Then they remembered their vow.  Never to return home.  But they’d done it! 

“We’ve saved the earth!” They screamed.  “And we couldn’t have done it without YOU!” 

They swept Bella off her feet in delight in a massive hug. 

“But… how….”  Bella looked at her hands in amazement. 

“You must be one of us. Maybe some of us were left on Earth after all!” 

And do you know what, it was true – It wasn’t just Bella – thousands of other people came forward to say that they too had felt the glow and the sparkle and the surging powers – awakened by the forces summoned by the Moon Girls.  

“You can use your powers to save the earth – to put things right!” said Lili. 

“We’ll show you how.  After all… We can’t go home now.” Promised Hihi.  “I mean sat on a dusty planet in the dark, with Polpol in charge – or making a home here!  Just think what we can achieve if we help them use the powers for good?!” 

“But what if they hunt us down again?  What if they’re scared?” Lili was worried. 

But far from being afraid of the girls and those with their newly discovered powers, the people on earth were happy and delighted and began to use the powers to heal the planet.  And heal it did! 

And sometimes Polpot looked down from his dark and dusty realm on the moon.  He saw, over the years that came, how the storms subsided, the forests returned and sunlight twinkled on the calm oceans.  And in time more and more of the Moon people decided to walk through the portal to return to earth after all.  Maybe one day Polpol would go to.  After all you can’t hold a grudge forever, can you? 

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