Lemurs and Werewolves!

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In this episode we bring Max’s story – Lemurs and Werewolves – to life.

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That’s just what Max did. You can watch the story she suggested come to life below, plus she tells us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Read along to Lemurs and Werewolves!

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

Lemurs And The Werewolves


“My vase. My irreplaceable, beautiful vase”. The president was beside herself. Her amazing family vase that had been landed down twenty generations of Lemurs, was in pieces on the ground.

“This is just the last straw Celeste. You are the clumsiest Lemur in all of the Exotic Exclusive Lemur Land of Madagascar. You are to be banished from this place.”

Celeste knew there was no point in arguing with the President. Her clumsiness had cost her once again. It was bad enough that she looked a bit messy having spilled half her lunch down her fur, but here she was, about to leave the place where she grew up.

Madagascar had just entered its hot, rainy season and as the first droplets coming from the sky turned into a torrential downpour, Celeste took her belongings, and started to leave the village.

“Bye everyone” she shouted.

One of her friends shouted back “Oh, bye Celeste. Don’t drop your…”


It was too late. Celeste had dropped her backpack while waving. This was going to be a long journey.

The rain came down hard that night and Celeste found shelter under a rock, on her own…. Or so she thought…

“Excuse me. You’re squishing me!” – came a little voice from under the rock.

“Squishing who?”, asked Celeste

“ME” – and with that, Celise suddenly saw a chameleon reveal himself. You see, chameleons can hide almost anywhere because they can change colour. They blend in. And Celeste hadn’t seen this little creature at all. And she’s sat on the poor guy.

“I don’t mind you sheltering from the rain but please don’t sit on me” he said.

“What’s your name? I’m Celeste and I used to live in the Exclusive Lemur Land” 

“Oooh aren’t you fancy?” Said the Chameleon. “Well my name is Charlie and I live in the exclusive exotic land of this rock. It’s not much of a rock, but it’s my rock and it shelters me and all my tricks”

Celeste was intrigued. Tricks? What sort of tricks does a Chameleon need to keep when they can change colour whenever they want to. Is that not enough of a trick? Well, not for Charlie it wasn’t. 

“I am an entertainer. I travel from place to place singing songs, doing magic and juggling”

Celeste was very impressed because to do magic you need very steady hands, and Celeste did not possess this skill. 

“I’m so clumsy. I could never juggle” said Celeste, almost falling over her own words.

“Nonsense!”, said Charlie. And with that, Charlie got out a set of juggling balls and began teaching Celeste how to juggle. It is fair to say Celeste had a lot more fun learning to juggle that night than her fellow Lemurs had.

As darkness fell over the Exotic Exclusive Lemur Land, there was a terrifying noise….


It was the call of a pack of Werewolves. Scary creatures that only come out at night. You wouldn’t want to meet one after dark. Or ever!

The Exotic Exclusive Lemur Land was about to be invaded and its sleeping president had no idea how bad things were going to get.

“Sound the alarm” said one of the President’s guards. 


The alarm woke the whole of Lemur Land but the whole place was unprepared. The Land was about to get a lot less exotic.

The doors of the presidents palace were broken down and the werewolves with their big teeth and loud howls burst in. They broke more than just a vase this time. Pots, statues, chairs, tables… everything was destroyed.

“This is our place now” said one of the werewolves.

The President and her guards were outnumbers. There were loads of them. Big, furry, scary werewolves. They were in charge now. This was no longer Lemur Land and it most certainly wasn’t exotic or exclusive.

Next morning, underneath the rock, far away from the chaos, Charlie was still teaching Celeste how to juggle. It was a very slow process. In fact it was so slow, we probably need to forward wind a few months. It’s coming to the end of the rainy season and Celeste is now getting the hang of juggling. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still clumsy from time to time, but she is getting very good at keeping multiple balls in the air at one time. Plus she can also do amazing card tricks, and can make a pie disappear in less than a minute – although to be fair, so can I, but you won’t ever see it again.

“Well isn’t this great”, said Charlie the Chameleon. “We should put on a show. Do you know anywhere we can get an audience?”

Celeste thought for a while. She wanted to suggest her home, but she was worried they would just laugh at her. And besides, she was banished by the President. 

“Come on” said Charlie. I can tell you’re thinking of somewhere.

And with that, Celeste clumsily said “My, er home?”

“Ooooh yeahhhh, the super posh Lemur Place. Let’s go there. I love doing a show for people with a bit of money” said Charlie.

And sooner than you can say “Super Posh Lemur Palace” Charlie had packed up all the tricks and they were on the road to Celeste’s home. Little did they know what they would find.

Now, werewolves only come out at night, so during the day the Lemurs had to work for the werewolves, otherwise they would get very angry at night. The werewolves had made the lemurs live near a big pile of poo. It smelled really bad and what with the smell, and the werewolves holding big parties at night, it was very hard for the lemurs to sleep. They were tired, and desperately wanted to smell something other than poo smells.

As Charlie and Celeste approached what used to be Lemur Land, they realised something wasn’t quite right.

“I thought you used to live in that exclusive posh place” said Charlie.

“I did” said Celeste “but it’s… it’s gone”.

At that point a huge howl was heard by the two of them. And with that, a pack of werewolves appeared and surrounded them. Charlie immediately hid. He could do that. He was a chameleon. Celeste, however, was not. 

“What are you doing out here” said one of the werewolves. “All the lemurs are finishing their work over there. You aren’t supposed to leave”

“Oh don’t mind me” said Celeste, nervously. “I’m a traveling performer. I do magic.”

The werewolves didn’t believe Celeste at all.

“You’re coming back with us” and they herded Celeste back into the wolf camp.

“If you do magic, you won’t mind showing us will you” said one of the werewolves.

This was not the sort of show Celeste had imagined doing. Just think, after all that rehearsal, this was going to be a very difficult audience to please. But please they she would have to do. 

Charlie was still hiding, but he was a clever chameleon and had popped himself on Celeste’s shoulder. All the way through, he was whispering instructions. Celeste juggled brilliantly. The lemurs were amazed at the skills she had picked up since leaving, but the werewolves were not impressed. They scowled, and they howled and they demanded better tricks.

“And now, for my most dangerous trick. I will make a pie disappear” – this was Celeste’s most impressive trick. She had to sprinkle magic dust on a pie and make it disappear in front of the werewolves’ eyes. 

The only problem was, the more angry the werewolves got, the more nervous Celeste got.  The whole pack of werewolves gather round Celeste and growled. They were angry. One of them suggested they try eating her if her trick failed.

Celeste took out the magic powder. “Right” whispered Charlie the chameleon “you’ve got to carefully sprinkle the powder on the pie. The dust will do the rest of the work. Just be careful. It’s powerful stuff. You must keep a steady hand”.

But Celeste was shaking, and shaking and shaking. And getting worse and worse and worse, until….


Celeste dropped the magic dust. It fell. Slowly. Magically. Silently. And landed on the whole pack of werewolves. 

And then there was just silence. The werewolves were gone. They’d disappeared. No one knew where.

The Lemurs had their land back. Over the next few days Celeste was treated like a hero, which is the first time in her life people had celebrated how clumsy she can be. The President was so pleased that she invited Celeste to live at the palace.

“No thanks” said Celeste. Me and my friend Charlie are going on tour. But I’ll be back with a new show for you one day. And I promise not to make you disappear.

And with that, Celeste the clumsy lemur, and Charlie the magical chameleon packed up their tricks and headed for the next village as heroes. 

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