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In this episode we bring Eimear’s story – Fashion Passion – to life.

Eimear got in touch and suggested a story about clothes that come to life.

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That’s just what Eimear did. You can watch the story she suggested come to life below, plus she tells us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Read along to Fashion Passion!

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

Fashion Passion 

Fay’s wardrobe was enormous.  It had to be because Fay had a LOT of clothes.  She’d save up her pocket and birthday money to buy new tops and jeans, and ask for the latest designer trainers at Christmas and the wardrobe got more and more full. 

But here’s the thing.  Fay hardly wore most of the clothes – most of them still had their tags on and had never been out of the wardrobe at all.  If you ask me Fay liked shopping more than she actually liked wearing new things. 

The clothes in the wardrobe were BORED. Well you’d be bored if you were stuck in a wardrobe all the time, wouldn’t you? 

“I should be out at parties” grumbled Shimmer – a beautiful lilac dress with frills around the bottom. 

“I should be up a mountain or running on a beach” said Stampy – one half of a pair of pink walking boots.  “Yeah – we haven’t even stepped on the pavement, let alone a beach!” said Stompy – the other boot.   

“I’d settle for seeing a bit of sunshine” said Flo – a bright yellow top.  “She bought me in Spring and it’s nearly Winter – so I won’t be coming out any time soon!” 

It didn’t seem like there was much that could be done and so other than grumbling and jostling against each other that was that.  Except it wasn’t.   

You probably don’t know but there are house spirits in every home – these are fairly nice fairy sorts who generally mind their own business – they might help to find your missing keys, or something like that. 

The house spirit at Fay’s house was called Nightingale and Nightingale had heard the clothes complain for months.  She hadn’t done much spiriting recently because the humans in the house were fairly happy all things considered.  But one night she wondered if she could spread a little fairy magic on the clothing. 

“Listen you lot” – she cleared her throat as she sparkled her way into the wardrobe. “I’m sick of all the complaining and so you’re going to get a magical makeover.” 

The clothes listened excitedly – what on earth could Nightingale mean?  And what on earth WAS she?  Never mind, who cares!  A magical makeover sounded AMAZING! 

“I’ll turn you into human form so you can go out into the world all by yourself and have a few adventures.  How about that? 

“Why do we have to look like humans – aren’t I gorgeous enough just as I am?” said Shimmer. 

“Yes you’re lovely but if anyone sees a dress wafting past without a body in it they will probably just scream and then it won’t be a very nice adventure will it?” 

They thought about it and agreed.  With a wave of her magical wand there was a squeak and a pop and the clothes found themselves on the outside of the wardrobe and they looked very very different! 

Shimmer was a beautiful woman in the lilac dress – she had curly hair and freckles and was tall and elegant.  

Stampy and Stompy were now twin teenage boys – dressed for the outdoors and ready for action. 

And Flo the floating yellow top was now a cheeky looking girl in bright yellow dungarees. 

Many of the other clothes had appeared – some pink ballet shoes had transformed into a prima ballerina – tutu and all and a smart blazer was now a very serious looking woman. 

“Off you go – use your imaginations and have fun!”  And with another pop they disappeared into the real world. 

Shimmer decided that she wanted to be an actress – and she found herself on the red carpet outside a very posh theatre – people were shouting her name and begging for autographs which she graciously gave them, stopping only to pose for the cameras which flashed all around – now THIS was more like it! 

Stampy and Stompy appeared on the side of a Scottish mountain.  There was a beautiful lake with shimmering ripples under a baby blue sky – the whooped and yelled and ran through the heather in delight. 

Flo the floating yellow top thought hard and then appeared in a stable, alongside a beautiful brown horse. Jumping onto the saddle she rode out into a summery meadow – finally enjoying the warm sun on her back and feeling the wind through her hair. 

Of course the ballet shoes became a world famous ballerina and the serious looking woman turned out to be a genius mathematician and found a happy life teaching students at a big university. Well, it’s not everyone’s idea of fun but I tell you what it was better than getting bored and crumpled in a cupboard. 

And Fay didn’t even notice that her clothes had magically disappeared – because she only usually opened the door to shove more clothes in.  When she finally did, she was very puzzled and sad to see there was so much space!  Where had all the clothes gone? 

“Mum?  Have you been clearing out my cupboard – where are all my new clothes?” 

“I haven’t gone near your cupboard!” said Mum – “Maybe they got bored waiting for you to wear them and decided to go somewhere else!” she chuckled, not realising that this was in fact exactly what had happened.  Nightingale the house spirit edged herself back into the shadows – she hadn’t thought about what would happen when Fay noticed. 

Fay however shrugged – “oh well, it just means I’ve got space for more clothes now!” she said cheerfully and Nightingale silently groaned and rested her fairy bonce in her hands.  It was the LAST thing she’d meant to happen – now there would be a whole load of new clothes grumbling away! 

Mum however had other ideas – “No Fay – you’ve wasted enough money and it’s bad for the environment to buy so many clothes anyway.  No more clothes until I say so!” 

Fay huffed and puffed but that was mum’s final word.  Nightingale breathed a sigh of relief.  Fay realised that she missed her clothes and felt bad that she hadn’t even got around to wearing most of them. 

Out in the world Shimmer – now a famous actor found that life was harder than she’d realised – trying to look perfect all the time was exhausting!  Stompy and Stampy had climbed every mountain and swam in every sea – and they had to be honest – they were so so tired!

Flo found that she got sunburned easily and so had to stay indoors after all and – well you get the idea – the clothes had had some amazing adventures but one by one they decided that maybe it was time to go back.  Pop!  And one by one that’s what happened – they turned back into clothes, on the hangers in Fay’s wardrobe. 

Fay was delighted to open the wardrobe one day and she all her clothes had mysteriously returned and she vowed that she would not take them for granted.  And that’s what happened.  She wore Shimmer to the next party she was invited to (Shimmer LOVED the party) and threw on Flo with some jeans and the pink walking boots when she went dog walking. 

The clothes she thought she didn’t want to wear were carefully folded and given to a charity and so continued their adventures with new owners and the wardrobe clothes themselves were so happy to be worn that they stopped their grumbling almost all together. 

And whilst Fay couldn’t help buy the odd new thing she would never forget how sad it was to find the clothes had disappeared – maybe mum was right and they had got bored and gone somewhere else!  But then she’d chuckle to herself – I mean – how crazy would THAT be? 

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