The Duck Who Lost it’s Wing!

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In this episode we bring Molly’s story The Duck Who Lost it’s Wing – to life.

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That’s just what Molly did. You can watch the story they suggested come to life below, plus they tell us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Read along to The Duck Who Lost it’s Wing Here

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

The Duck Who Lost a Wing 

Have you ever heard of Web the duck? 

Well he’s not just any duck he’s the world’s fastest flying duck. He races across the world, flying over mountains, through jungles and around skyscrapers to win the World Championship Duck Race… EVERY YEAR!  

One day while Web is having a well-deserved nap after his recent victory, a shadow-ey feather-ey character could be seen sneaking towards Web’s tent.  

Slowly the door of the tent Web was asleep in, started unzipping.  As the light from the streetlights flooded in, the face of Dash, Web’s arch nemesis and biggest competitor appears.  

Quick as a flash, Dash grabs Web’s wing and pulls as hard as he can.  

Poor Web wakes up in a daze as he is yanked right out of the tent. 

In a cloud of feathers Dash disappears into the night sky, leaving Web on the floor totally confused. 

He looks down at the wing Dash was pulling on and screams! 


Web searched everywhere for his missing feathers but he couldn’t find enough to put his wing back together. 

“What am I going to do!? Dash is definitely going to win the next race now. He’ll take my World Record and I’ll just become a boring old mallard duck again. 

Web sat in his tent all day, with tears in his eyes, too embarrassed by his bald wing to talk to anyone.  

Hours later Web heard a soft voice outside  

“Web… are you ok?   

That was Web’s mum! She had been coaching him through all his races and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t out having fun with the other ducks.  

She unzipped the tent and saw Web’s damaged wing. 

“What happened?!?” She cried 

“Dash stole my feathers so he could win the next race”  


Uh oh, sounds like Web’s mum was furious! 

She stormed out of the tent, flew straight over to where Dash was sitting and screamed through the window, 


Now Web was worried…  

Now that his mum was angry who knows what was going to happen at the next race. 

Web’s mum marched back over to Web’s tent with a cheeky glimmer in her eye… 

She had a plan… 

“Get up Web… we’ve got work to do” 

Web and his mum trained tirelessly to try and get Web’s wing to work.  

He lifted the heaviest weights, did hundreds of push ups, ate all his vegetables and yet nothing was helping the feathers grow back.  

It wasn’t looking good, and they only had a few more hours to get ready for the next race. 

But they kept going.  

Web had to run laps of the competition area, just to get his stamina up. His mum made him do a hundred jumping jacks, flapping his wing to get it working again. He even had to climb up the biggest tree and jump out onto a trampoline to practise flying. Nothing was working. 

Web was super sweaty and smelling so he decided to take a bath. There was no point doing any more training anyway he thought… 

He walked down to the nearby river to fetch a bucket of water for his bath. When he got there, he started climbing down the steep slope of the river bank, one hand on the rickety ladder and one hand on the bucket.  

He carefully made his way down the first couple of steps but it wasn’t long before his big webbed feet slipped on the slimy steps and he went flying into the water… 


Web was panicked!  

He flapped around hoping someone could save him! He was a bird after all, he could fly better than anyone but he couldn’t swim!  

“HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP!” he cried out, eyes shut tightly, legs kick, kick, kicking… 


Web was giving up hope that anyone will be able to save him.  

He opened his eyes to see if anyone was there and to his surprise his mum was standing at the side of the river… laughing… 

“hahaha who would have guessed… WEB LOOK!” 

He looked down, and saw his webbed feet kicking away in a perfect figure of eight, keeping him afloat.  

He was so confused. Who knew ducks could swim? 

He kicked and kicked. Turns out he can’t JUST swim, he can SWIM REALLY WELL!  

It wasn’t long before Web was racing down the river faster than anyone had seen before.  

Dash may be the fastest flying duck now, but Web found a new way to keep his World Record.  

Web, the fastest swimming duck in the world. 

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