The Three Winged Ball

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In this episode we bring Nitya’s story, The Three Winged Ball – to life.

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Thank you to PEARL who created the character SPARK! Using the Story quest character creator! Thank you PEARL for creating such an excellent character! You can create YOUR own Storyquest characters on the Funkids website! Just go to – and use our special Storyquest Character Creator – and your character could appear in someone’s story! And now over to our Storymaster for this week – NITYA!

The Three Winged Flying Ball 

Imagine a flood wave crashing through the woods, SMASHING everything in its path – you wouldn’t want to be caught up in that would you?  Well someone in our story is going to find themselves in serious danger of getting soggy but we’ll find out more about THAT in a bit! 

So our story starts in Supermalia a magical realm with lots of superheros and people with special powers.  Two sisters lived in this realm – let’s meet them.  First of all there’s Spark.  Her powers were as her name might suggest pretty … well.. firey!  She could shoot fire from her hands which came in handy during the long cold winters of the realm and would flicker with embers which sizzled almost as much as her temper.  She was firey in every way and it would be a BAD idea to annoy Spark.   

Someone who did annoy Spark fairly often was her sister Crystal.  Crystal was a quieter calmer kjind of superhero girl but she liked to tease her sister when she could.  Her powers were ice powers – she could send frosty icicles from her hands and whip up freezing winds.  This came in handy in the long hot summers and also came in handy to put out Spark’s fires!  

They did get along but they were super super competitive. 

If Crystal had saved someone from a burning building Spark had to save TWO people… 

If Spark won a prize for horse racing, Crystal would have to win TWO races… 

The wise old woman of the village sighed and tutted at the squabbling girls. 

“You’ll never get anywhere fighting each other – you should work together!” 

“What – with HER?  She thinks she’s such HOT stuff but she’s only LUKEWARM if you ask me!” 

“And SHE thinks she’s such an ice queen…. More like ice pig!” 

The wise woman gave up.   “No good will come of you pulling against each other – mark my words.  They don’t call me the wise old woman for nothing you know!” 

But the girls had got bored listening to the old woman and flew off to have another argument with each other. 

Now something very exciting was going to happen in the town – something that happened every year – the Magic Tournament.  The Prize was a thousand pieces of gold and all the super heroes from far and wide were determined to win.  Spark and Crystal who were now 17 years old were finally old enough to take part and you guessed it, both of them were convinced that THEY would be the one to win. 

The magician proclaimed in a very loud voice. 

“This year the challenge is to catch the three winged flying ball  – It is enchanted to fly high and fast – and to evade capture.  Whoever catches it first will win the gold!” 

He held a golden ball aloft and everyone craned their necks to see its little wings fluttering away and WHOOSH!  It was up up in the air and away – the race was on! 

“I’ll race you” shouted Crystal, flying high… 

“You couldn’t catch a cold, let alone that ball” sneered Spark. 

Crystal threw her hands out and created whirling masses of snow and ice – trying to freeze the ball out of the sky.  It was no use, it just flew higher and higher than ever. 

And the wintery wild winds drew the attention of Spark – she wasn’t going to let her sister get an advantage… she thrust her hands out and flames melted the snow, flooding the forest… 

The girls barely noticed the flood water as they flew higher in to the sky, vying with each other in teir attempt to catch the ball. 



“HELP!  HELP ME!” came a shout from the ground.  They stopped their quarrel and looked down. 

“Look – it’s the wise old woman!  The flood water is carrying her away” 

There was no time to loose.  The girls forgot their squabbles and teamed up to swoop down and lifted the wise woman to safety – and it was only just in time as the melted snow and ice created a tsunami that swished and swooshed through the trees. 

But then something amazing happened – as they gently placed the wise woman on dry land, the three winged ball appeared, perfectly still in front of the girls’  Giggling in surprise they smiled and nodded and then both of them grabbed the ball at the same time and there was a FLOURISH and a FANFARE and a massive BURST of light – the competition had been won! 

There was a lot of cheering and clapping no one more pleased than the wild woman herself. 

“but I don’t understand…. Why did the ball come to us?” 

“The ball can only be caught by those of good heart – by working together to save me you were the rightful winners – both of you” 

“How do you know…” 

“Well they don’t call me the wise old woman for nothing!” she reminded them and they laughed in relief. 

The girls were sorry to have caused so much trouble and agreed to share their winnings with the old lady.  After all her house was still very soggy and would need a LOT of repairs.   

And from that day on I can’t say they didn’t still argue but now and again they might possibly work together for a while or help someone else instead of just being full of themselves and as a result they lived much more happily ever after! 

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