Tiny Jack’s Wonky Webs

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In this episode we bring Victoria’s story – Tiny Jack’s Wonky Webs– to life.

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That’s just what Victoria did. You can watch the story she suggested come to life below, plus she tells us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Read along to Tiny Jack’s Wonky Webs!

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

Tiny Jacks Wonky Webs

How do you feel about spiders?  Maybe you’re a big fan of them – or maybe you find them a bit icky and scary.  Well I should tell you  that spiders can be really helpful – after all they’re great at chomping pesky bugs that might be in our homes and spiders webs are pretty amazing too – don’t you think?  Well today’s storyquest is all about a spider – so let’s begin.

Tiny Jack was the spider in our story. He wasn’t a particularly brave or daring spider, as a matter fact he was quite kind, caring and shy.  Most spiders are pretty shy in fact – after all people often shout EEK!  And IT’S A SPIDER in loud voices when they see one and that’s enough to make anyone a bit jumpy. Now the trouble was that the only way to make friends if you were spider was to be able to spin a beautiful web. Now you may be thinking why is this a problem, all spiders can spin webs. That that is where you are wrong my friend, for one spider, there was just one spider who could not spin a web and that spider was, Tiny Jack.   He’d tried and tried but sometimes they wouldn’t stick to the ceiling – and almost always they came out wonky and so he spent most of his time hiding away, feeling quite lonely, sometimes begging to sit on other spider’s webs in return for helping look out for juicy flies.

Now the day story starts Tiny Jack was walking along the rafters of an old, abandoned house when which many spiders called home. He walked past the community noticeboard – made of webs of course – and so something that made him stop in his track.  A notice said that there was to be a web spinning contest – it was a very grand occasion because it only happened every seven years – Now a tiny Jack had never had to deal with this problem because just this Sunday passed, he had celebrated his 8th birthday (That is quite old for spider) – he had only been a baby spider – even tinier than he was now – when the last contest had taken place. All the spiders HAD to take part and the winner of the contest would be the new leader of all the spiders – how about that? Tiny puffed his chest out and thought how amazing that would be – no one would call him Tiny if he was in charge – they’d have to call him – MY LORD or maybe YOUR MAJESTY or something.   Maybe finally he would be able to make some friends – after all no one was interested in a tiny spider who couldn’t spin a web. So Tiny Jack hurried to his home which is which he had constructed from sticks and bark (after all I’ve said he wasn’t much good at making webs) and had a think.   Then he remembered the thing.  The whole “not being any good at making webs thing”.   His feelings of excitement were taken over with worry.  The other spiders would laugh at him.   He took a deep breath and started to try to make a web.  But he couldn’t remember how to get the edge bits to join together and soon all he had resembled a birds nest – nothing like a web at all.

“What will I do” he moaned to no one in particular “Run away?” 

A squeaky voice came from the shadows. “Don’t be silly” said someone somewhere in Tiny Jack’s house. “Who’s there” Tiny Jack called out in a surprised sort of way. “It’s me” the voice replied. A EVEN tinier spider no bigger than a fingernail crawled out from under one of the leaves. “You just need to believe in yourself, that’s why your web isn’t spinning.  And you need a reminder on web basics.  That probably wouldn’t hurt”. “Who, what, where” Tiny Jack stuttered. “Oh, that doesn’t matter. What matters now is getting you ready for the web spinning contest. Oh, by the way my name is Lily.” If Tiny Jack felt any sort of surprise, he didn’t show it.

“But my webs always come out wonky”

Lily shrugged – “so what?  It’s like your trademark – wouldn’t it be boring if everything was the same”

Tiny Jack thought about this. Lily certainly wasn’t the same as most of the spiders he knew – she didn’t seem to mind that he was failing at this very basic spider thing.  And It was true that his webs were certainly – well, ORIGINAL, for want of a better word.  He felt a little bit better.

“Let’s get to work!” said Lily.  First of all instructed Tiny Jack to stand up tall and concentrate.  She also gave him the 101 on webs – the sort of lesson you’d give a very young spider – so that was kind of embarrassing but it turned out to be just what was needed – Tiny Jack had nothing to lose so he got up and tried… and suddenly something amazing happened ….. he was ACTUALLY spinning a web! With the instructions fresh in his head he found himself making web after web, all he had to do was believe. Lily coached him all through the night and by the morning Tiny Jack was about to drop to the floor with tiredness. But he had managed to create great strings of nearly perfect webs – only a few were wonky and he was very proud of them.

It was time to go.   When he arrived at the contest with Lily by his side Tiny Jack was feeling more confident than he had ever felt in his life. But as Tiny Jack’s name was called, his confidence was beginning to disappear. He walked to the middle of the stage with all eight of his knees knocking and began trying to spin a web. He tried and tried and tried but he lost his place and had to start again. The crowd began to boo and jeer. The last wisps of Tiny Jack’s confidence were lost in the crowd. He was ready to give up, to go back to solitary life when he remembered Lily’s words. ‘You just need to believe, that’s why your web isn’t spinning.’ Tiny Jack just couldn’t give up, not when he had come this far. So, he stood up one last time, he concentrated, remembering his night of coaching and he tried and he tried and most importantly, he believed. 

So – the big question is – did Tiny Jack win the competition?  Did he become the leader of all the spiders – did they all have to call him YOUR MAJESTY and bow down to him….  ?



Obviously not.  

That day Tiny Jack didn’t create the most beautiful web and he didn’t win either.   But do you know what – but Tiny Jack HAD sort of won in a way – he had won something else that day, the ability to believe in himself and the confidence to actually spin a web – and so Tiny Jack felt very proud indeed.  He didn’t need to lurk on other people’s webs or hide in his house of leaves and sticks any more.  He practiced and practiced and even if some of his webs were a little wonky he didn’t mind.  After all as Lily had said – wouldn’t it be boring if everything was the same?

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