Can you work out how these everyday items are made? Take Sidney McSprocket’s How’s It Made quiz and find out!

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Sir Sidney McSprocket, Fun Kids’ resident inventor, has been touring the world finding out how everyday objects are made.

From the container your dinner is cooked in to slime, Sidney’s been looking behind the scenes at the manufacturing processes of these items.

Now it’s time to test your knowledge to see if you know how they’re made. If you get stuck, you can head over to Sidney McSprocket’s page to get some answers…

Sidney McSprocket is Fun Kids’ resident inventor!

When he’s not in Edinburgh, tinkering with wacky contraptions in his workshop, he’s finding out all about manufacturing!

MOBILE: Sir Sidney McSprocket's Amazing Inventions

Discover the incredible stories behind some world famous inventions in this podcast.

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