Rank these different types of swimming strokes and don’t forget to check out The Big School Swim!

Take the quiz below!

The Big School Swim is an annual event that celebrates swimming in schools!

It’s a great opportunity for your school to celebrate the fun and importance of learning how to swim and learning about water safety.

Swimming’s really important, not only can it keep you fit and healthy but it’s also the only sport in PE that might save your life!

Now, we want you to rank some of your favourite swimming strokes below – just tap the green ‘up’ arrow if you love doing them in the pool!

If you want some tips on how to swim or if you’re looking to learn, make sure you check out the Swim England website or your local swimming pool.

Most importantly, make sure there’s a lifeguard or a responsible grown-up nearby if you’re just starting out.

Check out Swim England for tips!

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