The Comprehension Ninja Workbooks

Comprehension Ninja Workbooks are ideal for supporting learning at home. With bespoke non-fiction texts and hundreds of questions, they’re packed full of comprehension practice with strong links to the National Curriculum. Develop those all-important literacy skills, boost confidence in reading comprehension and become a comprehension ninja!

 Each book in this unique series:

  • Features a variety of question types including true or false, fill the gap and multiple choice
  • Covers popular curriculum topics currently taught in schools
  • Boosts children’s confidence and develops key subject knowledge
  • Includes advice for parents and answers to the questions

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 5–6 starts with kings and queens who lived in damp castles full of rats, and finishes with fun facts about materials we use every day. (Did you know glass is made from heated sand?)

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 6–7 covers lots of different topics. You’ll learn about why families give each other red envelopes at Chinese New Year, why men and women sometimes used to be separated at the seaside, and why Rosa Parks was arrested on a bus.  

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 7–8 covers what it was like to live in the Stone Age, which started 3.4 million years ago, what happened when a volcano erupted close to the city of Pompeii, and what the Aztecs flavoured their hot chocolate with (chilli!).

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 8–9 has a country study of Russia – the largest country in the world, which stretches across 11 time zones! Going through this book you’ll learn about the Lake District, Ramadan, guide dogs and chimpanzees. Did you know that chimpanzees use chewed leaves to make sponges to help them drink water?

In Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 9–10  you’ll learn that Greece holds the most gold medals won at the Olympics per person in the population, think about whether Banksy’s graffiti is art or vandalism, and answer questions on all eight planets in the solar system! 

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 10–11 covers Barack Obama, the 44th and first African American president of the United States, dinosaurs such as the Stegosaurus which was gigantic but had a brain similar in size to a plum, and how some plants have developed ways to kill for survival.

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