VOTE: Do you play any sports?

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We’ve already asked whether you’ve been to any concerts, and whether or not you get pocket money. Now, we want to know whether you play any sports!

It could be as part of an after-school club, you might play football with your local team at the weekends, or you might just love a kick-about in the park with your mates.

Remember, once you’ve voted, don’t forget to tell us more about what you do in the comments below!

What sports do you do? Let us know in the comment below!

By the way, if you’re part of a club of any kind – it could be badminton, netball, football, or even a computer club – we want to know!

Every week in The Club on Fun Kids, Bex gives a huge shout-out to a wicked club. If you get in touch, it could be yours!

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