BUGS AND BEYOND: The Magnificent World of Insects in this week’s Science Weekly

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It’s time to embark on another thrilling voyage through the solar system with the all-new, expanded edition of Science Weekly!

In this episode of Fun Kids Science Weekly, we’re diving deeper into the world of science, where we’ll be fielding YOUR questions to our panel of experts, witnessing heated scientific debates, and uncovering the secrets of a fascinating new habitat in Hertfordshire, England.

Kicking off with the latest in scientific discoveries, Dan brings us news of a genetic anomaly causing Labradors to be perpetually ravenous, the unearthing of fossils belonging to the terrifying Kinjaria Acuta sea lizard, and an exploration of a unique habitat at Hilfield Park Reservoir with guest Josh Kalms from the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

Next, we tackle your burning questions as Dan explains the mechanics behind our eye movements and consults Kirsty McCabe from the Royal Meteorological Society to shed light on the formation of rainbows.

In our “Dangerous Dan” segment, brace yourself for a spine-chilling encounter with the Chinese Red-Headed Centipede, scientifically known as Scolopendra Mutilans, and discover why it’s earned its fearsome reputation.

The Battle of the Sciences rages on as Dan engages in a lively discussion with Professor Chris Terrell Nield from Nottingham Trent University, arguing the merits of Entomology (the study of insects), particularly focusing on the supremacy of beetles. Meanwhile, Marina Ventura explores the intricacies of biology, this time delving into the cooperative nature of ants.

What will you learn in this episode?

  • Why some Labradors are always hungry?
  • The discovery of a fossil of a nightmarish sea-lizard
  • A brand new rare and diverse habitat that’s been created in England
  • How rainbows are formed?
  • Why Entomology or Insect Studies is the best type of science?

All on this week’s episode of Science Weekly!

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