Britain’s Olympic Hopefuls: Euan Burton

With the Olympic Games on the way this summer we’ve decided to take a look at the sports stars that have the biggest hopes for winning a gold medal for Great Britain!

Euan Burton – Judo


Judo is a type of martial art in which the aim is to β€˜throw’ or β€˜takedown’ the opponent by grappling them. People who take part in Judo are called Judokas. Judo is about more than just strength, it requires a great deal of skill, balance and control to out-manoeuvre an opponent.

Scottish Judoka, Euan Burton, is Great Britain’s top hope for a medal in Judo this summer. He has been a Judoka for over 25 years having taken up the sport at the age of 6. Euan was disappointed to come 7th at the last Olympics and is aiming to improve on that performance by getting a medal at London 2012. He is currently ranked 5th in the world and came 3rd in the last World Championships, so he stands a good chance of a medal at the Olympics. Euan says when he has spare time, his favourite hobby is cooking.

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