Britain’s Olympic Hopefuls: Shanaze Reade

With the Olympic Games on the way this summer we’ve decided to take a look at the sports stars that have the biggest hopes for winning a gold medal for Great Britain!

Each week we’ll be taking a look at a British Olympian and learn about the event they will be competing in this summer in London 2012.

Shanaze Reade- BMX


BMX has been around for decades but only became an Olympic sport 4 years ago, making it one of the newest Olympic sports. BMX is a type of off-road bicycle racing which involves short sprints over bumpy ground with various jumps and dips. BMX racing requires strength, speed and lots of bravery as cyclist risk falling off over jumps.

Shanaze Reade is a professional BMX Racer and Track Cyclist. She bought her first BMX bike for just £1 and fell in love with the sport ever since. She has won the UCI BMX World Championships 3 times; in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Reade competed at the last Olympics in Bejjing getting all the way to the final. Unfortunately she crashed right at the end of the race which ruined her chance of a medal. This summer she is aiming to do better and win Gold!

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