Britain’s Olympic Hopefuls: Sir Chris Hoy

With the Olympic Games on the way this summer we’ve decided to take a look at the sports stars that have the biggest hopes for winning a gold medal for Great Britain!

Each week we’ll take a look at a British Olympian and learn about the event they’ll be competing in this summer in London 2012.

Sir Chris Hoy – Track Cycling


There are several different types of Olympic Track Cycling events. The Sprint Races put two cyclists up against each other over a short distance race. The ‘Kerin’ event involves around 8 cyclists in a cycling sprint over a greater distance of 2km. The Team Sprint requires a team of three riders to race against the clock to set the quickest time possible.

Sir Chris Hoy is a Scottish track cyclist who specialises in sprint events. He has won lots of World Championships and Olympic medals. He first competed at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, winning a Silver medal in the Team Sprint. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, he won a Gold in the 1km Track Time Trial. In 2008 Hoy won even more medals, winning 3 Golds at the Bejjing Olympics. At the 2012 Olympics Hoy will be hoping to add to his medal collection by entering several of the sprint events. For his achievements in Olympic Cycling Hoy was knighted by the Queen making him Sir Chris Hoy.

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