Britain’s Olympic Hopefuls: Tom Daley

With the Olympic Games on the way this summer we’ve decided to take a look at the sports stars that have the biggest hopes for winning a gold medal for Great Britain!

Each week leading up to the Olympics we’re going to be looking at a British Olympian and learn about the event they will be competing in this summer in London 2012.

The week we’re looking at…

Tom Daley – Diving


The sport of diving involves jumping off a 3 metre or 10 metre high diving board and performing a series of acrobatic moves in the air before entering the water with as little splash as possible.

Each diver at the Olympics must complete several dives. Each dive gets given a score by the judges and the diver or diving team with the most points at the end is declared the winner.

Tom Daley is only 18 years old but he is Great Britain’s best diver. He has already competed at an Olympic Games 4 years ago at Beijing when he was only 14.

Although he didn’t manage to get a medal at the last Olympics he is hoping that this year he can win gold!

At London 2012 he will be competing in both the 10 Metre Individual Platform Dive as well as the 10 Metre Synchronised Dive with his team mate Pete Waterfield. After his diving career has finished Tom Daley says he’d love to become a TV presenter.

Check him out in action here:

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