Premier League Hit and Miss with Dan! (Spurs and Hull City)

Super Spurs and Horrific Hull!

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So Pep Guardiola’s Man City team this season have been getting all the praise for non-stop running and hunting the ball all over the pitch.

But at the weekend, they were out run and out worked by Spurs!

They beat the team everyone thought would walk the league, with 2 brilliant team goals, and officially threw themselves into the title-chase.

Chase is the perfect word, because manager Pochettino won’t let them stop running after it until May!


After a good start to the season, Hull have stumbled and slipped down to 15th in the league after a 2-0 home loss to Chelsea.

The Tigers started the game well, but couldn’t cope with the strength of Chelsea’s attack, and conceded to superb goals from Costa and Willian.

City’s main problem was in their attack, as their strikers couldn’t trouble Chelsea’s goal at all.

Strikers Mbokani and Diomande should be embarrassed wearing the Tiger’s black and gold shirt, they played more like kittens!

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