Top 10 Songs with Dance Routines!

Brush up on your dance moves...

You’ll be impressing your friends in no time with these classic dance routines!

We’ve listed our top 10 dance routines which will have you busting those moves.

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1. PSY – Gangnam Style

Almost 4 billion people have watched the Gangnam Style music video.

That’s a lot of people!

Pretend you’re holding onto horse reins and get dancing.

2. Fast Food Rockers – Fast Food Song

A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!

Each restaurant has a different move.

Can you learn them all and eat to the beat?

3. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

This one will burn off a lot of energy.

Do what the song says… shake it off!

The more movement you do, the better.

Take the Taylor Swift quiz!

4. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Twist and Shout

You need to twist your body to this one.

Can you twist all the way from your kitchen to your bedroom?

Give it a go!

5. DJ Casper – Cha Cha Slide

If you’re not very good at remembering the moves then the Cha Cha Slide is for you.

All you need to do is follow what DJ Casper says!

You’ll be stomping, clapping and sliding across the dance floor. It’s time to get funky!

6. Village People – YMCA

It’s not a party without a bit of YMCA!

Spell it out with your arms, do some pointing and you’ll have the dance down!

7. Steps – 5,6,7,8

This is a 90s classic!

Get all your friends together and see if you can learn this one.

This type of dance is called line dancing.

8. Whigfield – Saturday Night

Whenever Whigfield would perform ‘Saturday Night’ live, her backing dancers would do a dance routine that would get everyone dancing.

When it hit number one in the charts, everyone knew the moves!

There are plenty of tutorials online so have a go.

9. Macarena

The Macarena is the classic party song.

You probably already know how to do this one.

Line up with your friends and try to keep up!

10. Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

Here’s a Spanish one for you!

It’s called ‘Asereje’, or ‘The Ketchup Song’ as we know it in the UK.

Get those knees moving and those hands shaking.

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