Get over first-day nerves with our top back to school tips!

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Starting a new school, or even just moving up a year, can be a pretty big deal!

There’s loads to be excited and happy about. You’ll meet new friends and learn loads of cool stuff.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous though! Big changes mean you’ll also feel different and it’s normal to feel those butterflies for your first few days!

To help you get over that nervous feeling, we’ve put together a collection of top back to school tips!

#01: Have a chat!

Before term starts, think about everything you’ve done so far!

Perhaps try talking to a grown-up or friends about the subjects you liked and what you learned.

This will help to refocus and motivate you and put you in a ‘classroom’ kind of mood…

Plus, meeting up with friends before school starts is a good way to catch-up on what they’ve been doing. That way you’ll have something to talk about at break and lunch time when everyone else is still trying to make friends!

#02: Get a notepad or whiteboard!

Get geared up for the school year before it even starts.

Go to a shop and get a whiteboard or notepad and you can use it to write all of your homework, classes, and other important things on.

That way nothing will go missing from your mind and you’ll always be on-top of the work you need to do.

#03: Be prepared!

This one is my favourite. Get all your clothes, food, and other stuff ready the night before.

Then, all you need to do is jump out of bed and get ready before you’re good to go!

It doesn’t take very long to prepare for the mornings the night before and you can spend that tiny bit longer all tucked up in bed!

#04: Think about lunch!

Lunch is one of the best times of the day. You get to stop work and go and eat all kinds of lovely food.

Think about what to have the night before and remember to plan a week or so ahead so you always have something fun in your lunchbox!

Fruit is good and you can try carrot or cucumber sticks instead of crisps.

Different types of bread might also jazz up dull sandwiches and you should check out our tips for making water more exciting!

What are your back to school tips? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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