Go stargazing this summer and see stunning constellations!

You might also see shooting stars!

Stargazing on a clear night is a really fun thing to do, especially when it’s summer and not too cold!

That’s why we’re challenging you to go stargazing this summer…

What’s more, this week is supposed to be really good for shooting stars so you might even get to make some wishes. Here’s how to go stargazing…

Spotting constellations

The very first thing to do before you even try stargazing is to check the weather forecast!¬†If it’s too cloud, you won’t see anything.

Once you’ve checked the forecast, get some warm clothes and then ask an adult to take you star watching.

You’ll need an area away from light pollution so try a hill in the countryside.

When you arrive, use a book or a phone app to check you’re looking in the right place. Here are some constellations you might spot…

Some popular star-spotting mobile apps include SkyView and SkyMap!

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Shooting stars

Shooting stars are rapid streaks of light caused by particles of rock burning in the Earth’s atmosphere.

When you see lots of shooting stars, this is called a meteor shower. Meteor showers tend to appear at around the same time each year…

Between August 1st and August 13th is the Perseids shower! Just head outside on a clear day away from light pollution and look at the night sky!

If you’re desperate for some more space action, you should visit Deep Space High!

We even have some fun facts about stars that might help young stargazers…

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